OpenBSD 5.1 光盘套装

OpenBSD 5.1 光盘套装
OpenBSD 5.1 光盘套装
品 牌: OpenBSD
型 号: OpenBSD 5.1 CD
积 分: 0
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销售价: ¥240.00
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价格暂定为 ¥340RMB。我收到CD后将根据价格、运费以及加元对人民币的汇率进行调整,一般在240 RMB左右。 

2012/04/27:  价格调整为240RMB; 同时,由于我一个月前下的订单前两天才寄出, 预计CD要到5月5号左右才能收到.

2012/05/09:  CD已经收到,想要购买的朋友可以下订单了。由于刚搬到一处新址,互联网访问还有些问题,所以发货会有2-3天的延迟。敬请谅解!

2012/05/29: 终于能够正常访问互联网了。发货也将恢复正常。不便之处,请谅解!


On Wed, Mar 14, 2012 at 10:46 AM, Theo de Raadt <> wrote:

It is that time again.  I have just activated pre-orders for CDs,
tshirts, and posters for the 5.1 release -- due May 1.

At the same time, I am making available the song that will come out
with the release (hmm, it is still moving out to the ftp mirrors at
the moment, but that is ok).  The song and details of it are linked

And there is something else.  Five years ago we made available an
Audio CD that contained 5 years of songs.  Well, we have made a new
audio CD since enough new songs have been made.  It is not very
expensive, so please consider buying this as well when you place any
order.  It has some rather nice liner notes.  Had some great fun
coming up with the cover for that CD:

I'd also like you remind you that Michael Lucas new "SSH Mastery" book
is also now available, in case anyone was waiting for the 5.1 release
to place one order.

Please consider purchasing these items and/or making a donation, since
this is a very important revenue source which keeps the project going.



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